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SEA is the acronym for Sistema d’Entregues d'Agroalimentaris or Agri-bulk Delivery System. It is the system designed to make it easier for transport companies to pick up cargos from the agri-bulk terminals that the Tarragona Port Authority places at the disposal of the different agents involved.



SEA point 1

The Purchaser requests a volume of merchandise at the Terminal for a specific date.


SEA point 2

The Terminal indicates the availability of the merchandise.


SEA point 3

The Transport Company receives the assignment and location and selects an available time slot.


SEA point 4

The Terminal assigns the merchandise pick-up point and time.


SEA point 5

The Driver collects the load at the pick-up point on the day and at the time indicated.



Less waiting time.
Improved vehicle cost-effectiveness.
Fewer administrative procedures.
Improved planning.


Improved planning.
Information on availability.
Information on time needed for pick-up.
Improved traceability.


Fewer incidents.
Improved resource management.
Improved planning.



Applications to pick up single or occasional deliveries can be made online via the SEA website at

Access is restricted, you must register.


The HORASEA app is designed to allow drivers to see their loading assignments and designated times and pick-up points on their mobile phones, as well as to receive notifications of any possible changes or incidents.

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For applications to collect regular deliveries we recommend you request the automation of the process to save time and avoid human error.

To integrate your software with that of SEA, please contact



Download the HORASEA mobile phone app. Your Transport Company will give you the username and password you need. Through the app you will be informed of the date, time, loading point and any possible incidents or changes.

If you cannot install the HORASEA app, your Transport Company will inform you of your pick-up assignments and any possible incidents or changes.

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It is the Purchasing Company’s responsibility to register you for making deliveries. You will receive an email with a username and a password to access the SEA platform.


The Terminal has to register you so that you can order merchandise. You will receive an email with a username and a password to access the SEA platform.


The Port Authority will register you to be able to manage orders and deliveries.


1  SEA FLOW vídeo flujo

2  TRANSPORT vídeo transportistas

3  PURCHASERS vídeo compradores

4  TERMINAL vídeo terminales

These videos summarise the operation of the SEA Agri-bulk Delivery System.

The "SEA Flow" video gives an overall perspective of the system and there is a separate video for each type of user (Purchaser, Terminal or Transport Company).

If you belong to one of the authorised user profiles, you can access detailed videos that will guide you through each of the uses offered by the platform. Click here.


1   Is registering the same as signing up for the SEA platform?
NO. Registration is to be kept informed of the latest information and signing up is the access to the Agri-bulk Delivery System.

2   Is there a procedure and a functional document for the Agri-bulk Delivery System?
YES. Contact through Customer Service by calling 977 259 462, or by mail writing to

3   When do you recommend automating access to the SEA?
When you make 15 or more delivery requests per day. Request the API rest from the Port Authority:

4   Is it easy to work with the non-automated webSEA platform?
YES, providing you don’t have a large number of delivery applications per day, as the web SEA platform interacts manually. Access is via internet:

5   Is it essential for the driver to download HORASEA mobile phone app?
NO. The app is designed to help lorry drivers manage their loading assignments, designated times and pick up points, as well as any possible changes or incidents. If the driver does not have the app, it will be the transport company that advises them of the assignments, changes or incidents.

6   Do the Terminals guarantee the assigned delivery times?​
YES, at their loading points and warehouses. The Port Authority has erect an information panel at Acreditations Office (moll of Castella).

7   If the lorry is late due to circumstances beyond the company or driver’s control, will it be attended to?
YES, in the first free slot at the Terminal.

8   What happens if the Terminal doesn’t have the contract number?
It will reject the loading application. The buyer will carry out the same procedure as now without the SEA (phone call/email to the importer/trader) so that they can give the order to the Terminal.

9   Are the time slots identical for all the Terminals?
NO, the time slots are customisable for each Terminal. They do not have to be identical.

10   What happens if the loading point is changed at the last minute, when the driver is already on the way?
The driver will be informed of the change through the HORASEA app and the previously assigned time will be maintained for the new loading point.

11   Can the delivery application and the delivery be made on the same day?
YES, providing the application is made in the morning and the delivery is in the afternoon.

12   What happens if the lorry or driver is changed?
The transport company will have to update the information on the SEA platform. The status of the delivery will return to “requested” and the Terminal will have to approve it.

13   Are drivers linked to a particular lorry registration?
By default yes, but they can be changed.

14   How do you sign up to operate on the SEA platform?
Terminal companies will register buyer companies and they in turn register transport companies.

15   Do you have to register with each terminal individually?
No. Registering with one terminal validates you on SEA for all the terminals.

16   What happens if the driver fails to register a delivery?
Although registering the delivery is recommended, if the driver fails to do this, the system will automatically register the cargo as "goods delivered and not registered" after 7 days.

17   What happens if a lorry fails to arrive at the allotted time due to an incident?
It loses its turn. The terminal will load the lorry whenever it has a space or at the end of the time slot.

18   How do you download the mobile phone app for drivers?
The mobile phone app for drivers is available as a free download from the Play Store for Android phones and from the App Store for iOS phones.

19   Is there a minimum tonnage per order?
SEA does not set any minimum tonnage.

20   Timeframes for the management of orders, assignments and deliveries.
Section 4.2. of the SEA platform Procedure of Use manual establishes recommended timeframes for the exchange of information, setting out a maximum time to be agreed by the terminals, buyers and transport companies (we recommend you read it).

21   How will small remaining amounts be managed?
To liquidate the remains of contracts, it has been agreed with the terminals that the loading point will be their offices, where they will be duly processed.

22   How will buyers from outside Spain operate?
The SEA platform is not limited to a specific geographical area. Buyers from outside Spain will be able to operate in the same way as any Spanish buyer.

23   What is the cost involved in using the SEA platform?
The SEA platform and its mobile apps for transport companies are free of charge.

24   Can one lorry load several deliveries?
Yes. A lorry can pick up different deliveries to take advantage of its full capacity, although this will have to be done in different time slots.

25   If I am a self-employed transport company operator, how can I pick up deliveries?
Self-employed transport company owners can operate on the SEA platform in two ways. If they work with transport agencies, those agencies will register them as driver users and they will be able to load the deliveries ordered by the agency using their lorry and driver data. In this case, the self-employed transport company owner can work for different transport companies and he or she will be responsible for coordinating with the agency to ensure that they are not assigned concurrent deliveries (same day and time).

The second way of operating on the SEA platform is by applying to a buyer company for registration as a transport company. In that case, the transport company will pick up the deliveries of the orders assigned to it by the buyer companies or other transport companies (reassignments).

These two options are compatible with each other and therefore a self-employed transport company owner can operate both as transport company and as a driver for one or more transport agencies.

As good practice, self-employed transport company owners must manage the orders they receive to avoid any overlapping of time slots and only accept those deliveries they will definitely be able to load.

26   Who do I contact to resolve any questions I have about SEA?
For any technical problems you can contact by email or by telephone on + (34) 961 002 274 from Monday to Friday between 7 am and 7 pm.

27   Where can I consult the documentation?
All the documentation related to the SEA platform can be consulted in the documents section of the website where you manage your orders and deliveries.



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